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Escape from madening crowd
Wake up to spectacular sunrises
Feel the refreshing nudge of the gentle breeze
Witness rice terraces unfurling themselves into a vista of pure spectacular splendor.
Experience all these, and more, when you immerse yourself completely in the Tabanan Homestay program. Why succumb to other depthless tourist program that offer less of experience ? Our home-stay program gives you a unique opportunity you will never experience in urban Bali.

Our program gives you the holiday you truly deserve - the genuine Balinese experience.

Here in Jegu, you can participate with the local community, work in their traditional environment or simply enjoy Nature's way of defining the good life.

Walk into the colourful arts and cultural heritage of traditional Balinese life. For the musically inclined, try captivated by the hypnotic "rindik" melodies harmonizing flawlessly with the sounds of nature. And do remember to relax and join in the fun when your host family invites you for a Balinese dance !

"Thank you for the great homestay....."
Arvin Chelakunji, Malaysia

Contact address :
Br. Ngis Kelod, Jegu - Penebel - Tabanan 82152
Bali - Indonesia
Tel. 08170671788

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