Tabanan History
Tabanan traces its roots during the 14th century when the Javanese invaders settled in the area. As they expanded their territory, they came in conflict with the Mengwi house, established during the mid-1600s with the fall of Gelgel and allied with Buleleng. In the 18th century, Mengwi became the second most powerful house after Klungkung. However, internal conflicts during the 1700s weakened its power with the consequence of losing its territories to Tabanan in the mid 1800s. By the late 1800s, further conflict erupted and Klungkung withdrew its support. At the end, when the Dutch got interested in Bali in 1906 and the kingdom of Tabanan refused to succumb its rule, they lost their leading position forever.


Village history
The name of Jegu originates from the word 'Rajeg-Uru', which after several years became 'Rajeguru', and which is now popularly called 'Jegu'. The meaning of 'Rajeg-uru' was taken from the Balinese transcript which tells about the war between the Penebel kingdom and the Tabanan empire. For century's, this story was oralely handed down by the ancestors of the villagers. It is said that long time ago the Kingdom of Panjisakti from Buleleng attacked the Tabanan empire, which was ruled by the Magada Sakti kingdom. The Tabanan Kingdom heard that the Penebel kingdom allied with the Dauh Pala district to raid Tabanan. Magada Sakti, who was commanded by his captain to spy on the Penebel kingdom, stayed inside a vast forest called Rajeg-uru (now called Jegu Village). The Tabanan kingdom favoured him to rule this village. Since then, the forest is called 'Jegu'.

Jegu, with land area of 344,150 hectares, is located 11 kilometers from the Tabanan city. Most of the villagers are farmers who cultivate the land and plant it with rice, corn, potatoes, vegetables and other agricultural products. At 300 meters above the sea level, the high elevation of the land makes Jegu a perfect place for farming. The village enjoys two seasons: dry season and rainy season with temperature ranging between 28 - 34 degree Celsius.

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