Charity & Cultural Exchange Program
Today, we are developing a better atmosphere for eco-tourism which will allow guests to meet the local people on a daily basis and exchange knowledge and cultures. By participating in eco-tourism, visitors help to protect the environment and to improve education.

In Tabanan, we give our guests the opportunity to explore and experience the Balinese culture and embrace the true spirit of Bali. Come and visit our truly "pride in paradise."

Traditional arts
Tabanan is home to a number of villages that have nurtured unusual local art forms. Krambitan village, for example, boasts the exciting "tektekan" exorcist dance drama, which is accompanied by giant wooden cowbells and bamboo instruments. Tista takes pride in its "leko-andir" dance, a performance art done by young girls. While Penarukan is known for its carvings, Pejaten for its ceramics and Blayu for its woven brocades, so is Jegu for its munte handycrafts.


Temple going
The district of Tabanan is home to Bali's most famous temple. Tanah Lot is set on a rock formation that transforms into an island during high tide and offers spectacular sunset views in the dry season. The Batukaru temple is located in the rainforest at the edge of the Batukaru mountain. The Ulun Danu temple, near Bedugul's Bratan Lake, irrigates the rice fields of Tabanan and was built to honor the goddess of the lake.




Eco tourism

Bedugul is one of Tabanan's main points of interest. The quaint mountain town boasts three crater lakes which warm waters create a mysterious mist around the area. The lakes are bordered by a rainforest and patchworks of vegetable gardens. It's a very good place to fish, wander around or simply get away from the heat of the coast. Recently established walking trails will lead the visitors to the beautiful rice paddies of Jatiluwih.



"I want to thank you and your village people for the kind hospitality you gave me....."
Prempakar Anand Ganesh, India

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