Bali Homestay Programs - a new way to know more deeper of traditional culture of bali.


Thank you for visiting our online information. For more information on our homestay program please contact the following address :

Tabanan Homestay - Pride in Paradise
Br. Ngis Kelod - Desa Jegu
Penebel - Tabanan 82152
Bali - Indonesia
Tel. +62 8170671788

Village Photo Album

More Photos of the Program

A part of the income from this program will be spend to improve the education for the village children and to protect the environment of Jegu.

The local community looks forward to building good relationships with visitors from all corner of the world !

So come and enjoy the true experience!

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Thank you again for the wonderful stay at your home! Tell everyone in your family Hello and I miss them all! - Kristy ( 04/05/2005 )

Contact address :
Br. Ngis Kelod, Jegu - Penebel - Tabanan 82152
Bali - Indonesia
Tel. 08170671788

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