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DAY 01

Pick-up from the hotel of your stay either in Ubud / Sanur / Kuta or airport then transfer to the village. On the way home may stop at Tabanan traditional market to see the locals selling their goods in traditional market of Tabanan. Then the journey continue to go to the village. Arrive at home in the village, familirization with the family. Tea / coffee will serve to refresh yourself upon arrive in the village. Introduction to Balinese compound, way of life and the family that you will stay. Late afternoon free time for you which may relax at home or do a short walk to know the village environment. Dinner will serve around 07:00 pm at the Lumbung ( rice barn ) in Balinese style. Dinner serve are Balinese / Indonesian Cuisine. After dinner, Balinese dress to know more of the balinese costum that use to go to attend temple ceremony, wedding or other special occassion. Resting time for the next day activities.

bali glenmore program balinese dress
Balinese cuisine dinner balinese dress

Day 02

After breakfast in the morning around 09:00 am start hiking to the southern part of the village to the rice terrace and visit garden. knowing more of the tropical plantation that plant in the family garden such cacao, coffee, manggo, mangosten, durian ( seasonal ), papaya and some others. You can participate in the villager to plant the rice ( seasonal ) or harvesting rice ( seasonal ). Try fresh young coconut pick-up directly from the tree in the garden or taste the original cacao / chocolate and pick your self in our garden. On the way you will learn more about the function of the plant which use for natural herbal / medicine or can use in cooking as an organic vegetable. Back home around 12 - 12:30 pm then lunch provide at home which serve in the lumbung ( rice barn ). Take a rest a moment after morning hiking and at 14:00 pm Nyoman will teach you in making intiriquite balinese handicrafts and offering which we use daily in offering and also decoration about an hour lesson. Around 15:00 pm the program is continue by visiting beautiful Jatiluwih rice terrace, Taman Ayun temple Mengwi, Tanah Lot temple and on the way back home sample some balinese and Indonesian delicacies in local night market of Tabanan. Dinner with family will serve at home around 20:00 pm. After dinner time for rest or play some cards game with the family before rest.

hike suround of the village Trying fresh coconut from the garden
balinese offering balinese dress
Village rice terrace Trying cocoa fruit -  fresh chocolate

Day 03

Wake up early in the morning which breakfast will be provide around 07:00 am. Now, the trip will start to visit Glenmore - East Java. The journey will start at 07:30 am to the West Bali. On the way to Gilimanuk, you will see the green rice fields along the way or beautiful southern sea of Bali. Few stop will do for you to take a picture or rest and last stop will be in Rambut Siwi temple Jembrana, before continuing the journey to Gilimanuk ( ferry harbour ) Arrive at Gilimanuk around 11:00 am board directly to the Ferry and cross Bali strait. Arrive in Ketapang harbour ( East Java ) around 12:00 pm. The journey continue to go to Glenmore to our next homestay program. Lunch will serve on the way to Glenmore. Arrive in Glenmore, familirization with the family. Take a rest because a long trip from Bali to East Java which taken about 4 - 5 hours. In late afternoon is your time to know more the village surround and do a short walk with the family to see the Glenmore Java village. Dinner will serve at 07:00 pm at the hosting family with East Java Cuisine / Indonesian Cuisine.

hike Ferry Gilimanuk - Ketapang harbour
Hosting house at Glenmore Homestay Program Glenmore afternoon village walk
Mie Goreng at Glenmore Program Dinner with hosting family in Glenmore

Day 04

After breakfast, around 09:00 am we are starting the program with visiting Alas Purwo National Park through Bedol Station. From this station we will change our car to a unique traditional boat to visit mangrove forest in Alas Purwo. Along the way to see some typical of birds such as rare Java Eagle, Merak, Sea gull and some other birds which live in the habitat of Alas Purwo mangrove. You also have chance to see the black monkey, deer and some other animal under the guidance of the National Parks Guard. We will have a stop using traditional boat to hike around 800 m to visit Turtle Conservation and beautiful beach just opposit the turtle conservation. Back to the traditional boat, a unique traditional lunch will serve on the boat. You can enjoy the lunch which wrap by fresh banana leaf on the boat while sailing to see beautiful panoramic along the way. One more stop at across the Bedul station before we continue the journey using traditional boat again to Cungur Beach where we will see the fishermen do fishing and look for the sea shell. On this beach we also can see some birds who nestedalong the Cungur Beach. At the late afternoon take way back sailing for sunset journey back to Bedul Station. Beautiful and nice sunset is awaiting you on your journey back to Bedul Station while some fisherman still do fishing till night. Arrive at home around 08:00 for dinner. Rest after long day trip to continue the next day program.

Alas Purwo National Park tree Prepareing for Mangrove visit
balinese dress traditional boat that we use on mangrove tour
Mangrove tour Alas Purwo View on journery to Turtle conservation
Turtle Conservation Alas Purwo Nagtional Park Sunset at Bedul Alas Parwo National Park
Sunset Journey from Cungur Beach to Bedul Sunset along the way to Bedul from Cungur

Day 05

Before breakfast in the morning around 06:15 do small hike to the rice fields on the back of Glenmore Homestay Program to see the beautiful morning and sunrise which backgrounded by Raung Mountain. Small hike in the rice fields and back for breakfast at home. After breakfast we continue the program by visiting the place where the local people made kitchenware in Kalibaru. There will be many kind of good quality of kitchenware made by the local people. The journey continue to visit the place where the farmer make palm sugar in the plantation try some different of cocoa typical and knowing more deeper the process how the palm sugar are processed into a sugar. Then the journey are continue to visit rubber, coffee and clove plantation at Glenmore Plantation. At this place you will see the local farmer process their rubber, cacao, clove and also Robusta coffee. You will have a chance also to try the fresh Robusta coffee and drink it at an old Holland house located at the plantation. Back for lunch on the way and pick-up of your bags to the last trip with transfer you back to Ketapang harbour / Banyuwangi to continue your journey back to Bali or exploring Java. End.

Early morning at Glenmore Morning Hike in Glenmore
Kitchen ware set fabric Palm Sugar Process in Sepanjang Plantation
Locomotif at Glenmore Plantation Clove pickle at Glenmore

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