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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the different between the homestay program offered in this website compared to the homestay offered by other hostel booking websites available? 
A: Our program includes activities such as hot-spring visit, traditional Balinese dress-up experience, Balinese music lessons, take part in village people daily activities, transfer in and out from village, meals allowance, visit to some tourist object as stated in the program and guide during the whole program. 
Q: How to book for the homestay program?

A: Write to us at in advance, preferably 2 weeks, giving us the number of guests expected, arrival and departure date, pick up and drop off location (since you probably might have other programs in planning), any special requirement such as specific activities or places of interest you might want to do and visit. 
Q: How to pay? 
A: We are unable to accept credit card at this point. Payment can be made in USD or Rupiah on arrival at the village or bank transfer to our nominated account prior arival. Deposit of the payment can be done using paypal into our paypal account to secure of your booking.

Q: Do you accept on-the-spot booking upon arrival?
A: We are unable to accept booking on arrival as we need to arrange for host family, personal guide and food arrangement due to the remote location of the the village. The remoteness of the village is the main attractiveness of the program whereby authentic Balinese culture, religion, lifestyle and nature can be best experienced!

Q: Is advance booking required for the homestay program?
A: Yes, we require 2 weeks advance  notice for the arrangement of the homestay program. Due to high demand and limited hosts for such program, we might not be able to accomodate every booking. Early confirmation is more better ( First confirmation at first serve ). For bookings through hostel booking websites, the space available is limited and homestay arranged through these websites do not include personal guide throughout the program, any transfer and other activities in the village.

We apologize for being unable to accomodate every request. We will continually expand the homestay program to include more local families as hosts for the good of the rural Balinese community.

Just write to us if you have any doubt concerning any aspect of the program! 




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