Bali Homestay Activities

Rice growing explanation

Planting Rice

Planting Rice

Pick up a tip or two on the preparation of traditional Balinese food from your host and savor the exquisite cuisine in your very own home even after you leave the place.

Discover the secrets of making a cup of fine Balinese coffee with its invigorating aroma - from picking the coffee beans yourself to joining the locals in processing them in the traditional fashion

Complete your cultural experience as master craftsmen guide you through the elaborate process of creating traditional handicrafts replete with intricate designs.

Visit the fruit orchards and get charmed by the wandering movements of our river snaking through the rice fields and into our foliage-laden mountains and hills. A leisurely stroll via a footpath takes you to the southern part of the village where an untouched waterfall awaits you. For the more adventurous, activities like trekking, hiking and mountain biking will surely make your stay more memorable. At the end of the day, reward yourself with sensational visual drama of the sun setting over the panoramic Batukaru Ranges.


Offering Lesson

Offering lesson

In the afternoon after rest a moments while enjoying tea / village coffee. Let's do an offering lesson, to know more deeper of some activities do by the people in the village.

When the duskdown before taking dinner with family, we will bring you to visit afternoon local wet market and also a night market. At the night market, we will sample some Indonesian / Balinese dessert also tropical fruits available that you may not have taste yet. This activities do especially for 4 days program. When back home Nyoman will be ready with her Balinese cuisine of the day to savour of your taste of the local dine.

After dinner, before rest for the next day activities. It's the time to try our Balinese traditional costume and get feel blending with the local culture. The custome are usual use for attending traditional ceremonies purposes.

Balinese Traditional cloth Balinese Rice harvesting


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