Bali Homestay Program, about our village homestay program

Bali Homestay Activities

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Hosting family ( Krisna, Riska, Wayan, Nyoman, Pekak )


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Bali Homestay Program were established in 2001. In a dedication to introduce a genuine of Balinese village life, culture, authentique cuisine and stay amongts the family in the village.

Also with this homestay program, we are keen to help village people especially children of the village to learn English and get mingle with guests from worlwide in their village. Beside within the program we have been help the school, do refurbishment of people houses to improve their life standards and also supporting children with single parents and orphange.

With following Bali Homestay Program, you will experience the authentique of Balinese culture. Get immerse in village life and learn more deeper about Balinese way of life and it's cuisine. Become apart of the family because you will stay in the family compound which set for a comfort and simple stay amongts the family.

Main activities at home in the village will be do under the rice barn ( lumbung ). Center place in the family which have multi function. Our family is consisting to 6 members stay in family anchestor house in the village where you will also stay with them while following the homestay program.

Offering Lesson


Experience real Bali and stay amongts them. While you are enjoying your holiday, you also could help local people in their activities in the rice fields. Or may learn balinese cooking, to make an offering on your free time in the afternoon which describe more in our program section.

Nyoman ( wife ) of the hosting family will be happy to share of her Balinese traditional food with you. She will prepare foods which cook by heart. She's chef of Bali Homestay Program. Her authentique cooking have been spread internationally and you can try it in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at The Uma Restaurant. You can learn cooking of Balinese traditional cuisine with Nyoman and or other way, you can teach us your cuisine to try in our kitchen. Nyoman will also teach you to make balinese offering on the "offering lesson" to know more of our balinese culture.

Me ( Wayan ) will personally guide you while you stay with us in the village also some time assist by my sister Surya to take you around our village environment and let you know about some plants to use as herbal medicine, vegetation around the village. I will also personally to pick you up and drop you to your hotel when attending our homestay program. When I have not available, will give you my trusted driver to pick you up or arrange a local tours on our homestay program.

All meals are include in our homestay program except for lunch on the day tour for 4 days homestay program is on your personal account.

In the local market / night market, I will happy to help you to bargain and negotiate of the price when you would like to buy something or souvenir to bring home from the local markets

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